An Update on the Book:

First of all, my apologies for the long silence!

While my original goal was to have the book published by the end of February, that won't be possible.  Because I didn't make the crowd funding goals in time, I needed to go and get a full time job again, before I could put the book out.  This lead to the delays we're seeing now.  It takes me a week to do what used to take me a day.

The book is still coming.  I will have it out in 2015.  I am currently in the process of editing and cleaning up the text, but all the content exists.  It just isn't where it needs to be before I encase it in carbonite forever.

The support I've received through this whole process has been amazing.  Thank you, everyone, for all you've done for me.  True Son of the Empire will come out by the end of this year, and a big portion of that is because of my friends, family, and supporters.

Two Weeks In

We're currently two weeks in to the crowd-funding campaign, and we're 20% of our way to the goal!  That's pretty amazing.

It's definitely been a learning experience running this thing.  The social media aspect as pretty new to me.  I have done blogs in the past, but they tended to come in with a built in audience.  When you write about Mass Effect 3, there's a pretty big fan base that is looking for Mass Effect 3 content.

For True Son, I'm building the brand right from the start.  I would love to just let it stand on its own, based on the merits of my writing.  However, that's not the way of the world, and I need to get out there and promote in order to make sure people hear about it.  As hard as finding an agent or a publisher may be for first time authors, I've come to see the appeal in the last few weeks.

That being said, I'm so happy with the way this has all gone.  The funding is coming in, people are enjoying True Son of the Empire, and by February I'll have a book with my name on the cover.  That's amazing!

Crowd Funding Launches Today

The Crowd Funding campaign is now live.  Find it here.

I was so excited, I couldn't sleep last night.  Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me get this far, and thank you to everyone who helps me take the next steps!

Getting Close ... to the campaign

Hey All!

I'm really excited, as I'm about to launch the actual Indie Go Go campaign in the next week or so.  Right now, I'm finishing the sample that will be free of charge for anyone interested.  I'm just doing final edits on it.  Once that is done, I'll put that up for people to read, and launch the actual campaign.

My goal for this is by September 5th.

Thanks for all your support so far!


Third Draft Finished

I finished my third draft.  I found a few problems which still need worked on, some consistency issues, and a few things I don't like.  Overall, though, I'm pretty pleased.  I've got a skeleton in place, and I've put a bunch of muscle on it.  

Sorry, I'm thinking about Rocky Horror and I can't get the "In Just Seven Days, I can Build Make You a Man" song out of my brain.

Starting Up

Right now, I'm getting everything set up; this website, the Indie Go Go campaign, my pricing and plan for how to go about this.  Right now, I'm working my way  through the draft I have, doing an edit I hope to have done by the end of August.  When that's complete, I'll launch the Indie Go Go.

Thank you to everyone already showing me early support!